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Over a million streams across all plataforms and with all his original music getting into Beatport’s Top100, Sightseer is launched for global success!

Sightseer was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1985 and would soon enough move another Brazilian state, Espírito Santo, and later to the United States to study Engineering and Administration. This travel experience would shape his artistic persona – Sightseer – a music sharer and creator who draws inspiration from the sheer contemplation of the world and transports it to his sonic landscape creation. 



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During his formative years, the pivotal moment for Neto Silva, Sightseer’s birth name, would be a gifted Walkman and a music tape with electronic dance music, and this would elevate Tiësto and his “Adagio For Strings” and “Just Be” to the role of ambassador responsible for bringing Sightseer’s talents to electronic music. The Dutch DJ is Sightseer’s major reference together with Avicii, Axwell and Alok. Sightseer’s passion for music, cars and travelling brought him to Lisbon, Portugal, a city that has earned his heart for the way it welcomed and made him feel right at home. In 2006 his interest for deejaying would take him to ProDJ, a DJ and music production school, where he enrolled and accelerated his professional status by providing opportunities to share his music with the world. Sightseer’s DJ sets are filled with total commitment as his mission is to replicate what he felt listening to his musical heroes back in the day. 

“Blow My Mind” was his first release through Diego Miranda’s imprint, Less Is More Records, and it was a full fledge dance floor bomb, rising up to the Top 5 on Beatport’s Big Room chart and next to the scene’s major players. His debut track is currently the second most successful song released on Less Is More Records. Currently, Sightseer is working on an aspirational project – Sky Feelings – on which throughout 12 shows, he blends music and the mesmerizing landscapes from which his artistic name was inspired.2021 has 8 new tracks to get to know and an EP, all for the joy of his over 40 thousand listeners on Spotify alone and that will surely grow exponentially until 2022.